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Fully Authorised installers of the Autowatch Ghost – II Can-bus immobiliser

The Ghost is the original aftermarket CANbus immobiliser. Once installed, the vehicle requires a driver selected pin code to be entered using the buttons in your vehicle, such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console before it can be driven. The Ghost protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft.

Ghost-II Features:
Engine Start Blocking – Depending on your vehicle type, the Ghost will either prevent the starting of the engine, stall the engine, or stall the gearbox unless the unique, changeable, self-selected sequence of buttons has been entered.

Protects against key theft –
Even if a thief has managed to get hold of your original key or cloned your key (or even swapped the ECU or ignition on the car!), if they want to drive your car away they cannot do so without still entering the pin sequence.

Uses existing vehicle buttons –
No extra buttons need to be added or fitted to your cars interior for the Ghost to function. When you press the existing buttons on your car, data is sent on the can network, allowing these buttons to be used as part of a pin sequence that can be as short as 4, or as long as 20 presses!

Undetectable via diagnostic equipment –
A modern car thief can use sophisticated diagnostic equipment to locate security devices by detecting cuts in the original vehicle wiring. The Ghost requires no wire cutting therefore can not be found using these methods. The Ghost can also be installed anywhere in the vehicle making it virtually impossible to find after installation. The Ghost itself is a very small sealed device therefore totally weatherproof regardless of installation location.

Undetectable by RF signal –
The Ghost cannot be found using signal detection devices, as unlike most conventional vehicle security devices no signals are emitted.

Designed and tested for each application –
If your vehicle is compatible, (most vehicles from 2004 onwards) due to the variety of CAN bus network systems for different vehicles you can be reassured that the Ghost operation will have been thoroughly tested.

Service / Valet mode –
The Ghost can be set to service mode, which means you can temporarily turn it off to allow for other people to drive the car, such as during a car service, car wash or even friends and family. There are limitations to the time and speed that the vehicle can be driven while the Ghost is set to service mode.

2 Year manufacturers warranty –
2 year manufacturers warranty provided by Autowatch and service warranty covered by ourselves.

Autowatch Ghost
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