All modern vehicles including cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, even boats and jetski's contain an ECU or Engine Control Unit that is effectively a small computer which controls how the engine works. Information such as ignition advance, air/fuel mix values, fuel pressure and on forced induction engines, turbo pressure values are all sent to the engine from the original software written on the ECU. Vehicle manufacturers de-tune the engine by setting the software on the ECU to default before sending the vehicle out. This is done due to the manufacturers having to sell their cars all over the world, this means that the software settings on the ECU must take into account different climates & altitude extremes, different laws & restrictions and varying quality of fuels. Vehicle remapping is basically the modification/replacement of the manufacturers default software, releasing the full potential of the engine. This operation is completely safe and reliable, with the new software settings, the engine components would not be operating outside of the conditions the manufacturer initially intended before all the afore mentioned compromises were added. Revtech Tuning’s remapping service will provide a much improved drive, with sharper throttle response, more power and smoother delivery throughout the entire RPM range and in most cases will also improve your fuel economy.

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There are many reasons to choose vehicle remapping. Firstly, you will notice that your engine responds better when the accelerator is pressed. The overall torque and power will be noticeably increased throughout the rev range. Power delivery will be smoother making for a much safer and more enjoyable driving experience, which in turn also makes it easier and safer to overtake. During normal driving you will notice that your MPG is better which not only decreases the cost of fuel that you will have to pay, but it also minimizes your carbon foot print.

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