Our Services
  • RemappingRemapping

    Tuning’s remapping service will provide a much improved drive, with sharper throttle response, more power and smoother delivery throughout the entire RPM range and in most cases will also improve your fuel economy.

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  • Economy TuningEconomy Tuning

    When we remap a car, as well as performance upgrades, we can also change the engine management software to focus on making fuel saving the priority.

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  • Speed / Rev Limit RemovalSpeed / Rev Limit Removal

    We can edit the engine control unit software to remove any speed and rev limitations that may have been previously imposed in the vehicle. For example, a second hand van which belonged to a large company's fleet.

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  • EGR RemovalEGR Removal

    We can completely disable the operation of the valve, meaning no more reduced engine operation and loss of fuel economy, as well as no more repair/replacement costs!

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  • Diagnostics ChecksDiagnostics Checks

    If your car has come up with a warning light on the dash, is making an unusual noise or just doesn’t quite feel right, why not have a full vehicle diagnostic check.

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