EGR Removal / Delete VW Van, Black Background

The EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve is a device designed to control emissions and reduce the expulsion of NOx and to help meet the Euro Emissions Regulations for vehicles. As the engine works, the EGR valve opens and shuts to create a loopback environment, sending burnt exhaust gases back into the intake manifold. These gases are full of sooty carbon deposits which gradually build up around and inside the valve which will cause it to clog. This can make the valve unable to completely shut, affecting the required pressures needed for correct operation. This causes all sorts of boost issues and severely affect engine power and fuel economy. Instead of repeatedly having the costly operation of having the EGR valve removed and cleaned, or in most cases replaced altogether, we can remove the functionality of the EGR from the engine control unit. This will completely disable the operation of the valve, meaning no more reduced engine operation and loss of fuel economy, as well as no more repair/replacement costs! This operation if fully MOT compliant and can also prevent failure of the vehicles DPF by reducing carbon deposits.

VW Van, Black Background
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